Kimberley Kolors (Kolors Pty Ltd) is Broomes Design, Print, Sign and Picture Framing Company, established in 2017 and we believe we are one of Broome’s most creative, innovative and energetic company.

In 2000 we merged with Pindan Printing, with over 20 years printing experience.

The name Kimberley Kolors comes from the Kimberley region we live in and the beautiful contrasts of colors found in this beautiful country. We don’t believe we could have a better business name fitting to our location.

We offer a full array of Design solutions, Design is what we live and breath, and good design will always be our lives, we want to keep it in yours too.

In 2016 we bought our picture framing equipment, and started picture framing in our spare time, mainly as I had a love of art, a love to use my hands to help create something beautiful, and by framing some of Broomes magnificent art I was helping with the final touches.

Little did I know then, that this would spark something bigger than we could have imagined, I then bought an industrial wide format Roland eco solvent printer and cutter. This added a huge increase to my little picture framing businesses capabilities, from poster and canvas prints, to Stickers , vehicle wraps and custom workwear. Then followed another wide format printer, this time a 12 color HP fine art printer that would print the most vibrant and pin sharp photo and fine art reproduction prints I have ever seen. before long 9 more printers followed, including sublimation and 3 state of the art Konica Minolta digital press’s. I even upgraded my DSLR to full Frame 35mm so I can photograph and reproduce art pixel perfect in my photo studio and with my 3 different Xrite color measurement scanners, calibration charts, Profiling suites and Adobe Suite we can reproduce and match color gamut of our printers almost perfectly.

Surprising to us even now, and with our small size we now probably have the most advanced and diverse modern printing workshop in the Kimberley’s.


Company founder and owner

Luke has worked in design his entire adult life, giving him over 20 years design experience. In 1999 he began his apprenticeship in Structural Engineering, before his apprenticeship had finished, he was already one of the first people climbing the www dot Boom, running his own web design and internet marketing business adjacent to his engineering career. When he realized his online earnings were dwarfing his full-time engineering wage, he decided to put all his efforts into his design business.

Since then he has switched between project managing teams on multi
million pound structural design contracts in London, to managing structural design teams in QLD Australia and here in Broome for 7 years, which included software development of the design software and created new engineering specifications for innovative new ways to build cyclonic buildings in Broome. This brings us back to 2018 when Kimberley Kolors was launched full time, and quickly grew in to a successful multidisciplined business it is today.


Software Engineer

Tram, Lukes partner in crime. Helps towards the company in more ways than her software engineering abilities. Tram finished her Information technology degree in 2010 and already had a year of web development experience under her belt, and was starting her new job as a mobile application software developer. After a year and a half of mobile application development Tram took her software engineering skills to another level, joining an international telecommunications software engineering team, where she flew to Germany for training. After over 4 years of perfecting her skills and climbing up through the ranks of the company, she moved to Broome.

Tram has had a brief break from software development whilst in Broome, until 2018 when Kimberley Kolors started. Tram has been a key contributor to web development and will now be managing all mobile application and software development creativity here in the Kimberley’s